AnthemBCWant health insurance but don’t want to pay a high premium?  The Anthem Blue Cross of California SmartSense may be the plan for you.  It is one of our lowest priced health insurance plans yet and provides solid protection that covers the essentials. Anthem Blue Cross of California SmartSense gives individuals and families reliable health insurance coverage at an affordable price.

How affordable?  A 35 year old male, living in San Diego County, on the $500 deductible plan with Comprehensive Rx coverage will only pay $116 / month.

SmartSense features:

  • Reliable basic protection with low monthly rates
  • Choose your annual deductible: $500, $1500, $2500 or $5000
  • Choose your prescription drug benefits (Comprehensive or Generic only Rx)
  • Plan pays up to $7,000,000 per member in lifetime benefits
  • No Maternity benefits*
  • Access to over 50,000 California doctors and 400 hospitals
  • Your share of costs is a lot less due to lower negotiated fees with our network doctors and hospitals.

Want to learn more about the Anthem Blue Cross of California SmartSense health plan? Contact us and let us know your needs and we’ll help you decide if SmartSense is the right health plan for you.

Anthem Blue Cross of California RightPlan PPO 40

If you want a health plan with NO DEDUCTIBLE that keeps you covered, take a look at the RightPlan PPO plan from Anthem Blue Cross of California.  This is one of our most popular plans.  It has a simple easy to understand plan design without a medical deductible.
RightPlan PPO 40 features:

  • Immediate benefits with NO MEDICAL DEDUCTIBLE ( including doctors’ office visits)
  • Choose your Prescription drug benefits (Comprehensive Rx, Generic Only Rx or No Rx)
  • Access to over 50,000 network doctors and over 400 hospitals

Which is best for you?

  • RightPlan PPO 40 with No Rx – if you don’t need prescription drug coverage, this is a good way to keep your monthly rates as low as possible
  • Right Plan PPO 40 with Generic Rx – Pay just a $10 copay for generic drugs from our Generic Rx Formulary
  • RightPlan PPO 40 with Comprehensive Rx – Pay a $10 copay for generic drugs and a $30 copay for brand name drugs fro the Blue Cross Formulary (after meeting a $500 brand name drug deductible)

Think the RightPlan PPO 40 may be the right insurance plan for you?  Contact us and let us know you’re needs and we’ll help you evaluate the best plan for your needs.

*These plans don’t include maternity coverage, however, Anthem Blue Cross has made it easier for members who become pregnant to make a one-time switch to a high deductible PPO plan.

Anthem Blue Cross of California PPO Share Plan

The PPO Share Plans from Anthem Blue Cross of California are the most comprehensive of the Blue Cross PPO plans.  With the Anthem Blue Cross PPO Share plans, you get coverage that can protect your entire family.  The Anthem Blue Cross PPO Share plans are ideal for people with young children or people thinking of having children. They offer coverage for preventive care, maternity care, hospital bills, and many of the services you need to stay healthy, including x-rays, lab work, and chiropractic care.
To help you balance your healthcare needs with your budget, the PPO Share plans offer a choice of four deductibles ranging from $500 – $5,000 per member.  Once two people in a family meet the deductible the deductible is reached for the entire family. The Anthem Blue Cross PPO Share plans also waive your deductible for doctor’s visits and preventive care. This means routine trips to the doctor are more affordable, so you and your family stay healthy.
PPO Share Plan Features

  • Most comprehensive PPO Coverage
  • Choose the deductible and premium combination that works for you
  • Immediate benefits for doctors’ office visits
  • Maternity benefits

The Anthem Blue Cross PPO Share Plans offer comprehensive prescription drug coverage.  There is no deductible for generic drugs and brand name drugs are subject to a separate brand-name prescription drug deductible.
Anthem Blue Cross is proud of their PPO network, which includes over 50,000 doctors and 400 hospitals throughout California.  And unlike an HMO plan, you’ll get coverage even when you get care from providers outside your network. You save more money by staying in network, but having out-of-network coverage gives you more flexibility in getting care.
Interested in learning more about the PPO Share plans from Anthem Blue Cross of California? Hughes Insurance Services is here to listen to your needs and discuss the options that best meet your situation. The above Anthem Blue Cross plans are just a small sample of what we have to offer.  We also carry other trusted insurance providers such as Blue Shield and Aetna. We serve all of San Diego County, Orange County, Imperial County, and beyond.  Contact us for a free quote and let us know how we can best serve your needs.