You’re on a budget but still want quality health care you can count on.  Hughes Insurance Services located in San Diego County offers a large selection of plans from Blue Shield, one the most trusted names in health insurance.  Whether you’re an individual looking to cover the basics of health care or have a family and want comprehensive coverage, chances are Blue Shield has something to fit your needs. Below you’ll find the key features of some of Blue Shield’s most popular plans.

Vital Shield

Vital Shield is one of Blue Shield’s newer plans.  You can now protect yourself with their lowest priced PPO plan for individuals.  The Vital Shield PPO plan offers you affordable and simplified coverage with an affordable deductible and protects you in case of major medical events, such as hospitalization. The plan is available for individuals only and is limited to basic benefits, this way you only pay for services you expect to use. It’s important to note that Vital Shield doesn’t include maternity** care or brand name drug benefits.

Key Features of Vital Shield 2900

  • Low monthly rates starting at $42*
  • Affordable annual deductible of $2900
  • $10 copayments for generic prescription drugs at network pharmacies
  • 100% coverage after you meet the copayment maximum of $5900
  • $40 copay for two annual office visits, which can be used for preventive care or medical treatment prior to meeting the deductible
  • One of California’s largest PPO provider networks, making it easy to find a doctor you want.
  • Knowledgeable and available customer service representatives who can assist you and quickly answer all your questions.

* Individual Age 28, Tier 1- Living in Santa Clara, CA–June 2007. Rates may vary and are for
people in good health.

Active Start Plans

The Active Start Plans from Blue Shield are ideal for individuals looking for affordable health coverage that covers you in case of a potentially expensive medical event, while also taking care of your day-to-day healthcare needs. The Active Start Plans feature no deductible and low copayments.  And Active Start Plans are PPO plans, which means you get to choose a doctor from one of California’s largest networks of healthcare providers. Active Start Plans do not include options for two-party and family coverage, nor coverage for maternity care**.

Key Features of Active Start Plans

  • Two plans with generic-only prescription drug coverage options to help save costs.
  • $10 copays for generic prescription drugs at network pharmacies
  • Healthcare coverage for individuals
  • No medical deductible, so your coverage starts immediately
  • $25 or $35 copayments for preventive care and office visits
  • Alternative care benefits for acupuncture and chiropractic services
  • Access to one of California’s largest PPO preferred provider networks
  • Does not include maternity care coverage
  • Knowledgeable and available customer service representatives who can assist you and quickly answer all your questions.

Balance Plans

The Balance PPO Plans from Blue Shield are designed for individuals and families who want a sensible blend of comprehensive benefits and relatively low deductibles. The Balance Plans from Blue Shield offer three plan choices. Balance Plans 1000, 1700, and 2500 provide coverage for preventive care, doctor’s office visits, generic prescription coverage and ER care right away, before you meet your deductible. Balance Plans are a good match for individuals and families who don’t need maternity** coverage or rely on prescription drugs.

Key Features of Balance Plans

•  Choice of three deductibles: $1000, $1700, or $2500
•  The plan’s copayment/co-insurance maximum includes your medical deductible
so you’ll pay only up to the copayment/co-insurance maximum in a calendar
•  A fixed copay of $30 for office visits and preventive care before you need to
meet the deductible
•  $10 copay for generic drugs
•  One of California’s largest PPO networks, making it easy to find doctors and
•  Includes benefits for chiropractic care and acupuncture.
•  Knowledgeable and available customer service representatives who can assist
you and quickly answer all your questions.

Essential Plans

The Blue Shield Essential Plan is an individual–only plan that focuses on routine and preventative care. It’s perfect for people with active and healthy lifestyles. And since it combines the health services you need in one convenient package including medical, dental, and vision covarage. Essential Plan features low monthly premiums, a large network of Blue Shield Preferred Providers, and access to the common medical services you need at low or no cost. They are ideal for individuals who don’t need expensive full coverage that includes maternity** and brand name drugs.

Key Features of Essential Plans 1750, 3000, and 4500

  • Choice of three deductibles $1750, $3000, or $4500
  • Comprehensive coverage including medical, dental, and vision care
  • Affordable monthly rates
  • $40 copayment for the first three preventative care office visits per calendar year.  Subsequent visits are subject to deductible.  No charge after deductible is met.
  • Copay maximum equals the deductible for participating providers.
  • 100% coverage for services prom participating providers after the deductible is met.
  • $10 copay for generic drugs at network pharmacies
  • Available for individuals only
  • Access to one of the largest provider networks in California, so it’s easy to find the doctor you want

Hughes Insurance Services is here to help you find the best plan for YOU! The above Blue Shield plans are a small sample of what we have to offer.  We also carry other trusted insurance providers such as Anthem Blue Cross and Aetna. We serve all of San Diego County, Orange County, Imperial County, and beyond.  Contact us for a free quote and let us know how we can best serve your needs.

**These plans don’t include maternity coverage, however, Blue Shield has made it easier for members who become pregnant to make a one-time switch to a high deductible PPO plan.